PTE: Giving wings to your career

There are a lot of hurdles that one faces when it comes to studying abroad. Apart from the massive cost of education, one of the baffling issues may be the communication gap. Until and unless you are fluent in the de facto standard which is the English language, it might be hard for you to make a mark, no matter whether you are looking to grab a place in the elite universities or even hog a job as well.

So, the importance of the English language and also a common basis for establishing your proficiency in the language is an absolute must. This gave rise to the need for such exams which had international credibility and thus came into existence PTE.

So, without much ado, let us see what is PTE.

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is a three-hour test which is conducted in a single seating and the test is computer based. This means that the chances for manual errors have been negated completely. The results come within 5 days and the test is accepted at a lot of different universities. #DefinitelyPTE is going to take your career to a different level altogether.

To give you an idea of how prolific and well established this test is, it pays to know that more than 90 percent of the universities in the UK accept this test as a measure of standard English. Apart from this, there are a lot of universities in Australia and also rest of the world which accepts the test.

Here are some of the esteemed universities which accept PTE as the standard test for English proficiency.

  • Adelaide College of Technical Education (ACTE)
  • Ability Education – Melbourne
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
  • Alberta College of Art and Design
  • Bishop’s University
  • China Europe International Business School
  • DEREE – The American College of Greece
  • Indian School of Business
  • Asia Pacific University
  • Asiae University
  • University of Cape Town

Remember, when you decide to appear for this test, you shouldn’t do it unprepared. Getting into the best colleges or even getting a job abroad is no cakewalk and having the right academic credibility would enhance your chances of selection.

So, you should grab hold of the PTE preparation kit. There are a lot of different packages available and based on what your requirements are and where you stand, you can decide the package to choose. You will find the best materials online and you can also choose to sit for practice tests as well. This way you will have a much better picture of what to expect from the test.

So, if studying abroad or even working there is a part of your career goals, we totally recommend you to first start preparing for the PTE exam. The last thing you want is to be denied acceptance simply because they were unsure if your English is apt.

#DefinitelyPTE is sure to give wings to your career.

To know more about PTE, the credible English test, please take a look at this video.

So Indian!

Oh geez you should see the shit that Indians do!

Omg, really you mean did your uncle actually hold his breath for the last over during every match in the World Cup? 

Are you kidding me? You want me to believe that by skipping the third question in the exam, you have managed to top it every time? Like how screwed is this logic? 

We Indians do not believe in the rule books because we create our own. We have broken a hell lot of stereotypes and perhaps created even more of them. Regardless of how good, bad, reliable, questionable our history may be, there’s one thing for sure – we are a bunch of crazy little people who believe in our own ideologies and heck we are the winners.

When it comes to Indian way of thinking which contributes to our success story, I can’t help but remember incidents from my own life. Like even today a big fat smile sits wide on my face every time I allow myself to slip back to that beautiful memory.

Dear God.

Ever since we grow up, we are taught to leave things on Dear God. It doesn’t matters whether or not I studied my lessons diligently but keeping Lord Ganesha figurine on the desk during exams is sure to sail me off. No, no I am not even being satirical here. Trust me; I debated with my board examiner for a precise 15 minutes because he didn’t let me keep my Ganesha idol on my desk. Obviously, in the end, he decided Indian religion is larger than exam and I sat like a hunk with the idol on my desk and hello, before you roll your eyes and go judgmental on me, let me tell you I scored a whopping 91 percent and dude, I am a science strident so that is of course some kind of gnash inspired holy smoking good marks, OKAY!

When the school days bid me a teary goodbye, it was time for the swag college period to begin. Some people would think that such religious successful thinking ways would find no place in the swag college days but hey, swag and sanskaar goes hand in hand.

Every exam, I still sat with the same idol even to the questioning glances by some of my colleagues who were too cool for the idol, but guess what again, my CGPA was a whole lot more colorful than their makeup smeared faces.

So, guys you don’t need to be an Einstein to understand that despite what you call superstitions and old belief and strange success ways, we Indians have a way of approaching our things, but, even I was not papered for what was to follow in my corporate career. I mean, I would seriously ask you to wear your seat belts before you take a plunge at the rest of the story because my boss is the epitome of being Extremely Indian when it comes to Indian ways of winning, like he totally blew my mind with his logic or lack thereof.

The corporate classes

As I was sitting on my computer idly punching the keys because hello 4889 lines of code and guess what, 7k errors. Like I couldn’t even face anyone who even gets 7k errors in a single program, – of course! Even now, I precariously took out the Ganesha idol that was always in my backpack hoping he would waive his Harry Potter magic wand and somehow everything will be fixed.

As soon as the idol popped on the desk, I saw my bleeping error and I smiled like a real big hunk. Seriously, the error was sitting right in front of my eyes and it took the Ganesha idol for me to see it. I knew we Indians had the best save up our sleeve. As I hit save and run the program again, guess what happened- no it didn’t run successfully, the errors shot up to 10k like what  a piece of logic!

I was sweating profusely under the burden of my own code when I heard a dangerous voice behind me – “Shruti, what’s the matter? You are setting a new record in the office with 10k errors in a 5k line of code.”

I could dread a hundred possibilities and I wondered if he was going to fire me. I looked at the Ganesha idol again and he didn’t have a single expression on his face. Oh geez, I needed someone.

Boss took a seat beside me and I gulped the water I had never drunk. I could feel the temperature rising and even my blood pressure was playing a swing enjoying the rise and fall with every beat.

He just said, “Don’t wear green on days you have to run code.”

It took me 3 complete minutes to understand what he is telling.

“What? Sir?” I said clearly unable to understand whatever it is that he meant.

“Every time I wear green, I screw up with the code.”

I didn’t know whether to smile or cry or laugh or bang my head.

“Go home and change. I am sure when you come back, the code will run just fine.”


Here was a boss that wanted me to go home and change and he earnestly believed that this would fix the errors in the code.  All the curious minds out there who wants to know if changing my clothes worked – well it did because one of my superiors ended up coming to the desk and he pointed one big blooper which fixed everything. So, whether or not you believe, I decided not to wear green anymore.”

This isn’t quite the end of the story yet as beloved boss has a string of rules he worships. To give you a sneak peek into his working mind, here is how he operates.

  1. Every Tuesday, we should start the work an hour late. This ends up culminating in more profits.

  2. No red dresses allowed in office during client meets.

  3. No green dresses while running code.

  4. When running code, men should always wear socks on one leg.

  5. No employees with names starting from “G” will be hired. If hired, the employee needs to change his/her name.

I know, these are too weird rules but like some Indians, we believe that sticking these rules has brought us so far and it will continue to do so. You know what, my code has run successfully by sticking to these rules.

As we were talking about all these things, we landed on this brilliant commercial by Lufthansa and as I showed it to my boss, he couldn’t help but grin and told me, “Shruti, don’t you think, they should have featured me in here after all who can be more Indian than me when it comes to winning ways.”

You too can watch this advert to see how Indian we are when it comes to winning ways.

Modern Day Dating Trends

The kind of emotions which you must go through when we mention the word ‘dating’ is stupendous. We all have fond memories of some dates to cherish. Some of us may not even be with the person anymore, but we can vividly recall the ‘good old dates’ we had been to.

Dating when done right is bound to give you a lot of great memories which gives you the zest to enjoy life.

With the changing times, it is likely that the rules of dating are going to change too. Gone are the days when only a guy could ask a girl out. It is high time now that even girls come to the forefront. There is nothing wrong in asking a guy out on a date if you have a liking for him. If you would like to get some dating tips for modern women, you should do that and get a fresh perspective on what dating means in today’s times.

The rising expenses

It is no surprise that the cost of dating has shot the roof. There are so many of us who struggle to bear the expenses. This is why if you are looking to go on a date but you do not want to burn a big hole in your pocket, you can always check out cheap date ideas for any budget.

There is no doubt that dating does not have to do with the kind of money you spend. Ideally, the meaning of dating is to spend some good time with the person you seem to be in love with. When you are on a date, it is the kind of quality time which the two of you spend that assumes the most importance.

So, look for cheap date options and have a great time even at shoestring budget.

Surprise Stories

Aren’t stories the best thing ever? Add to it the fact that when little children concoct tiny tales, it makes everything a wee bit magical. So, I managed to live this perfect dream moment when I saw the tiny little toddlers at my home showcasing one of the best surprises to me in my life.

I still remember it was the year I had turned 16. Unlike most tipsy teenager, I wasn’t particularly excited about my birthday because it was one of those drama induced days where I cared about why the frigging earth rotated all the time.

However, I had no idea of the amazing surprise that was in store for me. As I unlocked the door, I saw a group of little children and they started telling the stories. Everything was magical. The whole stage was lit and they all started playing my pictures.

It was a cascaded series of photos running right from my childhood until the time I had turned 16. Three of my nephews started narrating my journey and they all told some of my favorite childhood tales I couldn’t even believe my eyes and ears and I felt like I would just melt in the arms of my loving ones.

When they had told the most adorable memories I had, they all came together and broke into a song. They started narrating too many tales and we even made up some amazing stories of how I was their warrior princess and I slay all dragons and rescued the world.

I remembered how I had once told that I wanted to be an astronaut. So, one of my nephews came forward and told me about how I, the astronaut saved earth from a falling meteor. I had to try everything for the sake of holding back the tears.

When they were done narrating the tales and making every moment magical, I knew that the time was right for some loving moments. I hugged all of them and kissed them endlessly. Even now, when I look back at the moments, there is nothing that I do not remember.

I absolutely love every bit of the moment and I know that nothing looks as beautiful as little children narrating the right tales. Ever since then, I have spent a lot of time with my adorable little ones and often tell tales with them.

They have grown a bunch and even then, the magic of the stories is still going strong. Recently, I even got them Colgate magical stories and they all got extremely excited and elated. With the right charming stories and little children, I knew that life had it in it to be perfect.

Whenever the going gets tough, I love to fall back on all these tiny moments which can make things all the more wonderful. I get all mushy whenever I recall all these precious moments. Isn’t life anything but a bundle of memories which we just can’t get over on?

What are some of your special moments which you truly cherish?

The Drool-worthy Dubai Trip

A trip is always so much fun as it helps you rediscover yourself in a completely different manner.

Recently, we had been to Dubai and it remains one of my favourite trips of all time. It is surely a place which will live up to your expectations as it has so much to offer. Like all families, we had a hard time deciding which place to visit.

Everyone had a different destination they wanted to visit but we eventually agreed to visit Dubai well because it surely is one of the best places to be! Yatra came in handy when we were looking for Airlines to Dubai as they guided us really well to plan out our trip.

Here is a wrap up of all I saw and enjoyed while I was in Dubai. While most of the pictures speak for themselves, there is a lot more to it than the outer beauty.

Day 1: We landed at the Dubai airport (a beauty in itself) and headed towards our hotel. I was amazed by the view from my hotel room which was situated on floor number 26. Then we were told to freshen up and meet at the hotel lobby for heading towards the Dubai Mall. ‘OMG!’ Yes, that’s the first reaction people give while looking at the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa adjacent to it. With loads of shopping and a fun time watching the fountain show, we left for dinner.

Day 2: After a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s eatery, we visited the Palm Jumeirah beach and it was an experience of a lifetime. The Dubai Mosque, the Royal residence, and the Palm Atlantis; all formed a part of the sightseeing tour. After having lunch, we headed to the gold souk and it was a pleasure to the eyes. The evening was booked at the Dhow Cruise and it felt awesome.


Day 3: The best day of the trip had to be this one! We went for the Desert Safari as well as the desert camp and it was an adrenaline-pumping experience. Before this, we also visited the local market in order to buy gifts for our relatives and friends back at home.


Day 4: With sad faces, we bid goodbye to the city that gave us so much in the 3 days. It was tough to leave so early but the memories helped me in staying strong and we finally came back to Kolkata. The Emirates Airlines was definitely the best choice we could have asked for.

Don’t the pictures just look amazing? Doesn’t it makes you wish to pack your bags and head there too? With the kind of schedule I had, I really needed a vacation and even though it’s been 3 months since I had been there, the memories are still fresh from yesterday. Of course, I love everything about this trip and I am thankful to Yatra for making all of it happen. I believe that we all should head for a tiny little vacation once in a while as it makes everything so much better and will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

They rightly say “If travelling was free, you would never see me again” 🙂

Datsun redi-Go: India’s futuristic car

Cars are no more a luxury item. They have undoubtedly become an item of necessity. There was a time when we hardly knew people who owned a car and today we hardly know any family that doesn’t own a car. Be it shopping, dropping your kids to school, going out for dinner, family outing, picnics, long drive or any other aspect, you car is always with you like your life partner.

Datsun has introduced an Urban cross styled car namely redi-Go that is all kinds of good. Can you imagine what exactly a blend of compact crossover and urban hatchback would perform like? The redi-Go is all set to give you this unique experience and you will love its features:

The goodness of Japan’s technology is visible in the design of this car. Although the car has a sleek silhouette with lean side character lines, the overall construction is robust and powerful. It has an impressive sporty attitude that will give you the right feel while on the road. The head lamps, as well as the tail lamps, have been beautifully set and the car also comes with daylight running lamps that ensure greater safety.

The 5-speed gear that works manually is a boon for the one who loves driving. You can control the car easily and the transmission runs smooth. With the drive computer panel in front of the driver’s eye every minute, important information can be easily checked which includes, the mileage, fuel remaining, shift indicator etc. The air conditioning works flawlessly, thus cooling the entire car space. It is a blessing for the passengers keeping in mind the rising temperature in India. The car in itself is a stunner when it comes to comfort.

The interiors of the car are built to provide comfort as well as a classy feeling. There is enough room for comfortable seating and there is an added room for luggage. You can easily cover long distances in the redi-Go. The power window system can be readily and conveniently operated with the help of smooth buttons. The audio system serves as the perfect entertainment package. You can keep your important stuff handy in the stylish dashboard. The awesome feel of the fabric will give you a homely feel.

I want to test the car in the outskirts of my city (Kolkata) and see whether my family feels comfortable even after long hours of the car ride. The rugged roads and the sharp turns are a speciality when it comes to driving on the outskirts of Kolkata.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. The ultimate car for the youth is here to give us a flawless driving experience.

This car will give me a chance to make my family happy because I will now take them out every weekend. The seamless driving experience will make my office rides comfortable. I am looking forward to booking this car and spread happiness among my family members. From work to fun the Datsun redi-Go will be my partner always.

How Can Craftsvilla Become Your Ultimate Style Guide This Wedding Season

Wedding season calls for dressing up and looking presentable. It is the time for the ladies to get decked up and leave everyone startled by showing their gorgeous side.

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You can also look for beautiful Kurtis as well as Anarkali Suits and you are sure to stand out in the crowd. There is a diverse collection of Lehenga Choli on the website and you will love the designs and concepts used. Attires aren’t enough when it comes to looking presentable and amazing. You have to top it up with apt Jewellery as well.

Have a look at our collection of Earrings and you will be amazed by the awesome collection. Team the gorgeous jewellery with Salwar Kameez, Sarees, Lehengas and you will have all the eyes upon you. Won’t you feel proud when people will compliment you for your style sense? Wait no more and hit the website for an unimaginable shopping experience. Beat the heat this summer by purchasing the best stuff without stepping out in the sun.

All you need to do is visit the website and a few clicks will help you in fetching great stuff at the right prices. Craftsvilla has a reputation and there’s nothing you won’t like about the fashion store. You are sure to visit the website time and again after you make your first purchase. With variety, convenience and quality, Craftsvilla has everything for the ethnic you. Happy summers and happy shopping!